FIFA World Cup Qualifier 2022 Qatar Live Streaming

Once again a very warm welcome to our blog “FIFA World Cup Qualifier 2022 Qatar Live Streaming”. From the 4th of Sept, the qualifier round is going to start and players have already moved on to their respective countries.

People all over the world are very excited about this event. So here we have provided each and every detail every football fan must know about it. And down below we have also provided “How can you stream live matches” without any charges.

So just go through the post and read thoroughly to get the live streaming link and enjoy your favorite match without any trouble.

FIFA World Cup Qualifier 2022 Qatar Live Streaming

Qualifier Round Details:

All 210 members of the FIFA association are eligible for this qualifying process. And only 32 Teams qualify for the upcoming world greatest event FIFA 2022. And for the first time after too many years, The World Cup is hosting by a country whose national team has never qualified before.

Since Qatar is hosting FIFA World Cupp 2022 they are automatically qualified for this upcoming event. This means only 31 slots are remaining among 210 teams to qualify for the next round.

Qualifier matches will be held zone-wise. The world map is divided into 6 zones and every zone contains a limited number of slots for FIFA 2022.

FIFA World Map

List Of Divided Zones:

  • CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central America And Caribbean Association Football)
  •  AFC(Asian Football Confederation):
  • CONMEBOL(Confederation Sudamericana de futbol in South America)
  • ONC(Oceanian Football Confederation)
  • UEFA(Union of Europe Federation Association)

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Available Slots For Each Group:

Out of 210 teams, 73 teams have been eliminated for World Cup 2022 at present and 136 teams are still competing. Slots are available according to the number of teams competing in each group. UEFA contains the most no of slots(13) in the qualifier round because their 55 teams competing in this tournament. Other zones have only 4 or 5 slots for their team.

Teams Who Can Easily Qualify For World Cup 2022:


At present Qatar is the only country that has been qualified for this upcoming World Cup. It’s because the hosting country has an advantage that they don’t have to compete with all these countries and this isn’t something new it’s going on for a long time. In 2019 they appeared in ten Asian Cup tournaments and won it. So you can’t take this team lightly. They may rise as one of the underdogs this year.

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They may have to compete to get qualify for the main event but we can’t discard this truth, that they are among one of those countries who have the potential to win this World Greatest Tournament and they have proved it last time very well. Some names like Mbappe, Grizemann, Pogba, Kante & Benzema is enough to show the potential of this team. As we all know that any team who has won FIFA World Cup never qualifies for the quarterfinals. So many of us are eagerly waiting to see whether this is happening not.


Germany is a very strong team and has qualified for every World Cup. If we go through their present aggressive lineup like Kross, Muller, Reus & with one of the best goalkeepers Neuer they make it easy to qualify for the Knockout stage. And in 2014 they have convinced us very well by winning the World Cup that with this team & willpower nothing is impossible.

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The one & only team who have no big names still manages to get in the finals of the World Cup 2018 against France. If you go through their line up it’s hard to corroborate whether this team will qualify or not. “Luka Modric” has given his heart & soul to this team and fought to the end. He wins the Golden Ball of 2018. So if they qualify and win the 2022 World Cup don’t be amazed because they’ve done it once before.


As we are talking about this topic we have to make a special place for this team also. They literally shocked everyone with their performance in EURO Cup 2021. They had defeated all the top-class teams like Wales, Spain, England & Belgium and make it to the finals. With 100% efficiency in each and every match to win Euro Cup 2021. And made a good impression throughout the game, Now everyone will be very cautious about them.

How To Watch Live FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier Match:

Now let’s talk about the most important topic “How we can watch live matches from our mobile phone or laptop” in a recent survey we find that most of us like to watch football matches on our mobile phone rather than on TV.

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So here we have provided some details on how you can live stream these matches for free, without buying any subscription plan. All you just need to download an app and you are all ready to enjoy this Qualifier Round.

How To Watch World Cup Qualifier Matches From 4th Sept 2021:

  • First of all, you need to Click Here to visit the application downloading page.
  • This will redirect you to the Skyport webpage from there you need to download the Skyport app according to your device(ios/android).
  • Now install this application and then register your self it may take 2 or 3 min.
  • Click on sign up and provide your Name, Email ID & mobile no. that’s it.
  • You are completely ready to watch any match live from this app.

When FIFA World Cup 2022 Will Start?

The main event or you can call it “Round of 16” will commence from 3rd Dec 2022. 8 matches will be played among 16 teams and 8 teams will qualify for the quarterfinals stage.

The Quarterfinals start on 10 Dec and ends on 11 Dec. Teams who will win the quarterfinal round will go to the semifinals.

Now two teams that win the Semifinals will proceed to the Finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022. And Final will be held on 18 Dec 2022.

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